Navigating blocks - a picture worth a thousand words

You will agree - if you search a specific block it is quite difficult to pick the right one in large block catalogs displaying only the block titles and descriptions.

A picture says all (almost). This is true especially for 3D blocks, entourage and non-technical blocks and symbols. Of course if you know you need an ANSI or DIN standard ball bearing with 2" diameter, you don't need a picture of it.

The good news is that most CAD formats already contain a small thumbnail view of the contents of a file. This preview image is generated automatically by the CAD application while saving the file. Most file formats use a standard method for such raster thumbnails and so your Windows Explorer (and other file managers) is able to display the thumbnails along the file names. Automatically. Without the original native application.

Many online CAD block libraries use the same way - they can display block thumbnails making the navigation easier for the user (visitor). E.g. the CAD Forum CAD Block Catalog automatically generates the thumbnail image when you upload your CAD block (DWG, IPT, or RFA).

This is the reason why it is important to save your block while you are in a comprehensive, clear view orientation (zoomed, 3D isometric, etc.) - the automatic thumbnail image will look the same way.